...But Will Milk Help Toothless Gran? Probably Not.


Those shit-quality YouTube clips, where something extraordinary happens and you're supposed to wonder whether the footage is real, probably feel like the video advertising equivalent of cavepainting to you by now. Sure there've been classics, but by and large we've all evolved, right?


Behold "Dairy Chicken," a piece so square you're left thinking these people knew exactly how lame they were being and just surrendered to their destinies. In it, some guys at a park catch a chicken sipping from somebody's milk glass. (Who brings glasses of milk to the park?) And suddenly the chicken flashes the camera a big toothy smile.

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Then you're slammed with a logo and a zany little jingle that sounds a lot like us when we're drunk and showing off our Ebonics skillz: "YA GOT TA -- YA NEED TA -- KEEP IT FO' YO'SELF!"

This is part of "Rediscover Dairy," a campaign launched by Milk SA, whose modus operandi is to keep South Africans abreast of milk's nutrition benefits. Learn more here, and thanks to Le Publigeekaire for sharing the link.

Now, a word from the Internets.

by Angela Natividad    Aug-27-09   Click to Comment   
Topic: Campaigns, Cause, Video   

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