Hey, Soldier. Are You Good to Go?


Being in the service is like living in a bubble: you do as you're told, go where you're sent, and live on-base, which has its own restaurants, shops and medical centers.

So one of the scariest things about leaving the military is knowing what to do afterward. Four years in, it's hard to remember what civilian life is like; worse still, you're rusty with the social and professional politics.

To help future former military members get a head start, Plaid created AreYouG2G, a clever little site that helps them construct outside lives based on what they did in uniform.

Job options are also provided -- carpenter, electrician, butcher, baker, candlestick-maker, you know the song. And based on their date of discharge, each user is given a checklist of milestones to better assist them toward meeting their goals.

Service members that also happen to be Facebook junkies -- and we know a few -- can also download an app that serves as a handy-dandy countdown reminder.

Cool contribution to the nation's servants. Added bonus: it's bound to cut down on therapy bills.

by Angela Natividad    Aug-28-09   Click to Comment   
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