An Agency Spot For... An Agency


Well, you never heard of Danish agency We Love People until now but they've done one thing nobody in the industry has that we know of: Run a TV spot for themselves on national TV. Desperate move or why didn't I think of that headslap? It's not that the spot is memorable (below). At most, it's thoroughly generic, safe and disposable, like the majority of consumer advertising here. But it is notable for the self-promo move, something that raises another issue with the industry here.

How long before American shops start advertising themselves that directly? The unwritten rule is/was that the work you do is your calling card. No agency would've left any type of signature on the work. But, times be changing and all, and maybe this is what small - mid shops have to start doing. An earlier tourist campaign by Red Tettemer included their name in the credits. Small move to test the waters perhaps.

Besides, isn't this just a logical extension of advertising in the trade pubs or self-promo generated off award shows? If a no-name shop can afford the TV buy, why not get on the radar and show what you can do?

(Also can't mention agencies stepping into the limelight without touching on the idea of monetizing. Agencies are looking to ways to monetize beyond their regular client work. Droga and Honeyshed, Anomaly and their shirt project, etc. Although for client BK, Crispin was able to get a piece of BK's X-Box game. Nice work if you can get it.)

by Bill Green    Sep- 1-09   Click to Comment   
Topic: Agencies, Commercials, Television   

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