Play-Doh Caters to Mommy's Little Sociopath


Fresh out of Singapore, and under the catchy slogan "Safe no matter what you make," Play-Doh's launched a series of magazine ads that depict weapons of suburban destruction made out of the claylike substance.

We like it, but only because we've relinquished all ties to the Kingdom of Heaven. On the serious though, the ads are running in at least one alt weekly rag that caters to free-thinking cafe-goers that are okay with this kind of humor without necessarily being god-awful parents.

See variants below the drop.

o For the kid with the dependency problem.
o For tomorrow's emo cutter kid.
o For the pyro kid.
o For the kid who appreciates the marriage of blades and electricity.

In retrospect, these ads could just be suggesting that kids try playing with dangerous things around the house all the time, and Play-Doh makes a good alternative no matter what self-mutilating device catches their eye.

*shrugs* However you decide to read them, gotta admit there's something deliciously naughty about thought of Play-Doh's rated-G team making butcher knives and giggling behind their hands.

by Angela Natividad    Sep-18-09   Click to Comment   
Topic: Brands, Bright Ones, Campaigns, Magazine   

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