The Case They Don't Want You To See!


That line almost always guarantees traffic, donnit. Seems that has taken issue with the Consumerist's reporting on the company. (Yes, the same company with Hammer in the Super Bowl spot.) The history of the story is a long but compelling read that you can check out for yourself. It raises a lot of issues, from brands trying to control the internet to a consumer's right to know.

Blogs in general have taken a lot of flack from traditional journalists for not adhering to certain principles that they have to. This case could go a long way to changing the perception critics have of the blog-o-smear.

I knew Ben Popken around the time he had left his ad blog gig a few years ago to join Consumerist. Since then, his efforts along with the rest of the crew have tapped into a collective consumer rightsgeist that has helped people avoid ripoffs.

Read the story and judge for yourselves though.

by Bill Green    Sep- 2-09   Click to Comment   
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