BEP Does 'Flashmob'-Esque Thing for Oprah's Season 24


Black Eyed Peas partnered with Oprah to celebrate the 24th season of her show, which sought to drum up viewership with big kick-off fetes on Michigan Ave.

The pop band sang I Gotta Feeling onstage while a humongous crowd performed a flashmob dance routine on the floor.

We watched with polite interest, having been forced to watch many a flashmob over the past coupla months (especially since the death of MJ), and were left with three as-yet-unanswered questions.

- Is a flashmob really a flashmob in a concert context, where you know people are going to start randomly dancing anyway? It doesn't look like anybody was caught by surprise; they'll all moving in tandem. We're flashmob traditionalists. Think frozen Grand Central.

- Oprah's been on-air for 24 seasons?

- Does Oprah seriously have a microphone that matches her outfit? Well, this question's pretty much answered, but come on. Really?!!

See the vid for yourself. And in the event you don't know what to think of it, consider that the talk show diva herself proclaimed this THE COOLEST THING EVAR! And if Oprah said it, it is fact.

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