Anti-Cancer PSA Backfires, Makes Prostate Cancer Blob Likable


These are the most idiotic ads we've seen in a while. So cancer is bad, right? Of course it is. We should hate it and want to beat the shit out of it. Which is exactly what a bunch of guys do in these PSAs from TBWA\Chiat|Day. The trouble is, as AdFreak points out, is that the poor prostate cancer blob in these ads is almost likable in a cute stuffed animal sort of way.

So when the guys gang up on him to beat the crap out of him, we almost wish the police would show up and slam these guys down on the hood of their cruisers and twist their arms up into cuffs.

And just a note. When you're seaking up on someone you are trying to catch, it's not really all that smart to scream out, "There he is! Let's get him!" It's kind of like those Asian kung flu flicks where the ninja in stealth mode sneaks up on his prey and then lets out a huge scream...thereby blowing his cover and allowing his opponent to get set to fight back. Then again, those Asian flicks would be kind of boring without all that screaming.

It's all akin to the idiocy you see when the sound engineer adds a rubber tire squeal to a movie scene...when the car is driving on a dirt road.


by Steve Hall    Nov-20-09   Click to Comment   
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