Bad Thad.


Did I mention Spike TV's trailer for original series Blue Mountain State Alan Ritchson (Smallville) is NSFW? (After the jump.) At first, it's kinda charming, this pissing on the field bit, but the whole thing steps out of bounds more than it stays in the field of play. Look at me with a football reference!

Where It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia delivers with a consistent wtfness throughout, this seems unsure of which way it wants to go: Smart college football parody, or non-stop dick joke. I hope the former because I haven't seen a good sports comedy series that didn't resort to typical sitcomism, like ever. (Arliss? Eh, missed the mark for me and I HATED Sports Night.) Movies though? Check. TV spots? Check. Both genres always seem to nail the theme. Anyway, signs of life with this one include bringing in college coaches and former players to lend it some real player cred. Seems like enough things about this character that will make me at least check out the series.

(As Dan notes in the comments, this is part of a larger effort for the show with requisite Twitter.)

Thad Castle For College Player of The Year from Michael on Vimeo.

by Bill Green    Nov-13-09   Click to Comment   
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