If You're Fat, Aliens Will Eat You First


If you're happy and you know it clap your hands. If you're fat and you know it, slap an alien...because they are going to eat you first according to this latest cause-tagonistic ad from UK fitness center Cadbury House which states, "Advanced Health Warning: When the aliens come, they will eat the fatties first."

Apparently this ad, which was lifted almost verbatim from a 1999 Grey-created 24 Hour Fitness billboard, has the English up in arms. One women complained, saying, "I am not overweight yet I still find this extremely offensive and patronizing, but how much more so to someone genuinely overweight?"

Wait, what? A skinny person complaining about an ad mocking a fat person? That's just all wrong, The skinny folk, by definition, are supposed to poke the fat rolls of the obese on a regular basis. It's Schoolyard Behavior 101, right? We all learned that back in second grade before the cause groups got their claws into us and took all the fun out of life.

Defending the campaign, Cadbury House Manager Jason Eaton said, "The alien campaign has been developed as a tongue in cheek look at the fact that people, generally, over the Christmas period do put on a little weight. We do not intend to cause any offense to anyone."

That said, if the ad were true, this poor kid would be the alien's appetizer.

by Steve Hall    Jan- 6-10   Click to Comment   
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