Teleflora Hottie Wins, Megan Fox Loses in Super Bowl Survey


Now this is our kind of Super Bowl commercial survey. Any panel that gives the top slot to a commercial in which a bitchy hottie wearing a miniskirt is the central character gets out vote. Of course, if the same survey gives the third place spot to Focus on Family, we might have to reconsider.

Using its SocialSense listening platform, Networked insights dubbed the Teleflora commercial the "biggest winner" of the game. But for a survey that seems to favor hot women, it's a shocker the Motorola commercial featuring Megan Fox was the "biggest loser."

No wonder people don't trust research. If we can't find a universal love for hotness, there's really no point in trying to find a universal love for anything else.

And you know what else is weird about this study? Teleflora. Motorola.The winner and the loser rhyme. When does that ever happen?

by Steve Hall    Feb-12-10   Click to Comment   
Topic: Super Bowl 2010