Toyota Digs Itself A Deeper Hole With Avalon Singers


We've sat through our fair share of meetings, helplessly observing the birth of what would, sadly, become...A REALLY BAD IDEA. Oh, we'd do what we could to get things back on track but, as everyone in this business knows, the client, no matter how smart or how stupid they are, almost always gets their way. And if they don't, some pompous creative director does.

We'd really love to have been in the concepting meeting for what resulted in the disaster known as the Toyota Avalon Singers. If only to witness the absurd platitudes which must have been uttered during the creation of this embarrassment.

On the heels of the much-maligned Chevy Volt Dancers comes this piece of work for Toyota during which four singers and one bassist do the doo-op thing. It's the most ridiculous thing you've ever heard. It's as if someone cobbled together the world's worst jingles and put them to song. And yeas, each of the four singers steps out and gives us a solo performance during which they extol the many virtues of the Avalon.

Granted, this disaster is no stuck gas peddle but it certainly isn't helping the brand which, sadly, may never recover its usually excellent perception.

Is there no one inside Toyota who, at least once, considered how much they'd be eaten alive for this goofiness?

by Steve Hall    Feb-13-10   Click to Comment   
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