SXSW An Orgasm of Epic Digital Awesomeness


SXSW. Oh, SXSW. Where to begin? Well, Bob Garfield was there. AgencySpy was there. Ashton Kutcher was there. Twitter Founder Evan Williams was there. iJustine was there. Everyone was there. Some loved it. Some hated it. Some of the content was good. Some of the content was truly terrible. Here, in no particular order, are some of our notes from the five day conference. Not unsurprisingly, most of them do not have to do with panels.

- Sixth Street is a panalopy of late night entertainment. Pizza. Half-dressed women with strange body paint. Hot college women in hot pants and boots.

- Amanda Coolong is in a LOT of pictures.

- The Driskill Hotel is where all the (self?) important people can be found later in the evening.


- The Foursquare guys are really nice.

- Coloblow says poopin' is good.

- Booth babes can be found on the sidewalk.

- Joe Jaffe still never shaves.

- Lisa Bettany and Sarah Austin are really pretty.


- Bob Garfield still thinks the entire advertising business is going to end in chaos.

- Cute dancers dressed in sexy lingerie still the main source of entertainment at ad conferences.

- Allie Sullivan knows how to rock a boa.

- Not all keynote interviewers are qualified to interview.

- Some tables will always hold a special place in the heart.


- Krista Neher never fails to strike a perfect pose.

- In Austin you can find really strange looking creatures on the sidewalk.

- Some people like to wear lettuce on their head during lunch.

- There's always a pretty girl working alone oblivious to all the people staring at her.


- Some panels have more attendees than others.

- Diggnation has a lot of groupies.

- Alisa Leonard always wears scarfs.

- The whole funding of startups thing is way more complicated (and boring) than ever previously thought.

- Gremanda are still the cutest couple going in the space.


- Kit Mueller is a really funny guy.

- The bathrooms at Stubbs are really, really gross.

- Strip karaoke is not as sexy as one might think.

- Some women love having their picture taken in an elevator. Others, not so much.


- Cute girls can pitch Miller for its advertising account by playing a cello and acting silly on stage.

- David Armano can video and drink beer at the same time.

- Some Austin party buses are more colorful than others.


- The Barbarian Group throws really great parties.

- AgencySpy is a really nice guy.

- Some guys know how to rock it on the dance floor.

- The Austin Convention Center has the world's worst, most confusing convention center layout. Not to mention the world's most expensive coffee.


- Mashable knows how to throw a party.

- The exhibit hall will give you a stiffy.

- Brian Solis and gary Vaynerchuk are pretty funny together.

- There's many ways to promote a book. The Kiss is a new one. OK, so it really wasn't promotion, per se, but go with it.

- There's one at every event.

- Some guys just have a way of finding themselves alongside gorgeous women for no reason at all.


- Some friendships - and the experiences that formed them - will never be forgotten.

- A person can smoke a lot of cigarettes in five days.

- Some "internet famous" people love to throw their "weight" around as if they had actual fame. This is not a good thing.

- Ashton Kutcher is a geek just like the rest of us.

- Some pictures are more hilarious than others.


- Twitter, Foursquare and iJustine can all fit in one picture.

- Leah Culver is really pretty.

- Justine is very cool and very down to earth.

- Vanessa Comones and Steve Hall look really good together. OK, so she looks good and he looks like, well, he needs to wipe that stupid grin off his face.

- Some people can do karaoke better than others.

- Some women don't mind being randomly accosted by photographers just so they can get a shot of the beauty that exists in out industry.


- Getting interviewed in the hallway at SXSW makes people think you're important and know what you're talking about when all you're really doing is bullshitting.

- Some women don't mind wearing tiny little bras that allow their breasts to bulge forth for all to ogle.

- Pizza is still the main desire after a long night of parties. Even more than sex in some cases.

- Some candy is not safe for work.


- Only at SXSW can a party be held in the revolving door of a hotel. And be listed on Foursquare so all can check in.

- The photo on the wall in the bar of the Driskill with the cowboy looking into the sunset makes you wonder what's going on. Is he looking at Austin wishing the city never developed? Is he looking for a place to dispose of what looks like a dead body draped over the horse next to him? There's a lot going on in this picture.

- Oh, and lastly...Amanda Coolong is in a LOT of pictures.

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