79 is the New 69


He's 79 and she was born in 79. Hey, what's wrong with that? A man can date a younger woman can't he? It's a free country. Why should there be limits on that sort of thing. Besides, what man wouldn't want to be with a younger woman if he could?

Wait, what were we talking about? Certainly not the Neanderthal nature of man and their inability to appreciate anything but a barely legal, bootylicious piece of ass in a thong bikini with nothing smaller than a set of 34DDDs.

No, we're talking about a commercial for a corn dog. Yea, a corn dog. It's corny and the dude is horny. He looks like Bilbo and she's a plastic bimbo. There's plenty of witty banter and lots of overwrought laughter.

Oh yea. And it's for Wienerschnitzel's corn dog which costs just 79 cents. The work comes from Orange County-based DGWB.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-27-10   Click to Comment   
Topic: Commercials, Strange