Chimp Returns to Planet of the Humans


Leo Burnett is out with some stunning new work for the World Wildlife Fund. It's a four minute video that tells the story of a chimp who is sent into space in 1961 and who excitedly - at least initially - returns 65 years later only to sadly shed a tear for what the world had become in his absence; a place ravaged by the carelessness of human beings.

Leo Burnett worked with Ben Lee who provided the soundtrack, Song for the Divine Mother of the Universe.

It's not a new message but it's a powerful message. It pulls all the right strings. It's got an animal. It's got perfect music. It makes you think. It makes you wonder if Charlton Heston is wandering around somewhere in the middle of all that devastation. Well, OK. Maybe not that But it does make you ask yourself. Just what will this place look like 65 years from now?

by Steve Hall    May- 3-10   Click to Comment   
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