Greenpeace Employs Flashmob Stratregy For Anti-Nuclear Campaign


Greenpeace Switzerland launched a national campaign against nuclear plants.Part of the campaign includes posters and direct. The other part was well-staged, nationwide flashmobs which illustrated how a nuclear cloud could affect a country if there were a problem.

Summing up the whole nuclear issue, one commenter wrote, "Save the planet, punch a NIMBY. Coal plants pump out poisons by nature of their design throughout their entire operational lifetime. Nuclear power plants pump out poisons only when something goes very wrong or Russian standards of safety are involved. Oh and the Chernoybyl site, is basically a nature preserve now, the "environment" is doing fine. The areas affected by oil spills will never fully recover."

So is nuclear energy really that bad? What is the perfect solution to the world's energy needs? Is it even possible to generate any form of energy without affecting the environment in some way?

by Steve Hall    May-28-10   Click to Comment   
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