Holy Bulging Cleavage! Who Knew Bowling Could Be So Hot?


Taking the breasts as bowling balls metaphor to, well, the bowling alley, Jonathan Leder, who earlier showed us the orgasmic effects of playing squash, now shares with us the tantalizing excitement of bowling. Model Lauren Young, whose more than ample breasts are barely contained in a French cut bra, prances up and down the alley as Leder's lens follows the every gyration of her mountainous flesh within.

After a few hella hot frames, Young, herself, gets a bit hot and begins to get it on with the scoring machine. Rocking herself towards and away from the machine as if it were, well, something else, Young can't seem to keep her hands of herself. They slide through her hair, over her breasts, down across her stomach, alongside her hips, up her inner thighs until, well, she just needs more and she unzips her pants.

Of course, that's exactly when the commercial ends because, after all, it's just a commercial and not a porn flick. All Leder wants us to do, contrary to what we might want to do at this point, is go buy Jacques Magazine...and read about bowling.

by Steve Hall    May- 4-10   Click to Comment   
Topic: Magazine, Racy, Video