Lottery Determines Outcome of Babies' Lives


Akin to Logan's Run or The Island or Gattica, the babies' lives in this BBDO Guerrero/Proximity-created commercial for Philippines charity Child Hope are, in a way, predetermined. Some are destined to become lawyers. Others, doctors. And, sadly, others, drug addicts. And, at least in this commercial, it's all determined at birth by a lottery system.

When you think about it, a lottery isn't an incorrect analogy when it comes to determining the life of a newborn. It has a lot to do with the luck of the draw, who the baby's parents are. Where they live. Who they makes friends with.

But the message here, "children don't choose to be born on the streets," urges Filipinos to help the 300,000 who aren't so lucky when it comes to the baby lottery.

It's stark. It's depressing. And it's true.

by Steve Hall    May-19-10   Click to Comment   
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