Nike Loves Men Who Love Sex


Everyone loves sex, right? But, damn, it can get you into so much trouble sometimes. We've all heard the Tiger Woods story. And we all know Nike is standing by its man. It seems, Nike will stand behind any man who loves sex, no matter who they have it with or how many people they choose to do it with.

French footballer Franck Ribery, who Nike is very much in bed with, may face three years in prison and a fine of up to £40,000 for sleeping with the, at the time, underage teen call girl Zahia Dehar.

But Nike realizes men will always be men, always want sex and will do just about anything to get it. So why fight it? Nike France Communications Director Sophie Nicolet told Radio Monte Carlo, "Nike is supportive to Ribery. We'll see how it [the case] evolves, if there's any evolution at all. He's a great footballer and we support him as such."

If you want to know why Ribery did what he did, check out Dehar in her curvaceous glory here.

by Steve Hall    May-10-10   Click to Comment   
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