Radio Faced, Boobs Fondled, Photographers Pimped,


In which we play a big game of catching up on the news:

- Tony Mennuto and Gregg Singer have launched RadioFace, a creative agency where copywriters and comedians "work together to elevate the cache and effectiveness of the radio medium."

- 175,000 men trained to examine women's breasts for lumps by playing with a model's boobs online.

- Want a throwback to the 80's? Watch this Goldfrapp video directed by Geremy Jasper and Georgie Greville (Legs).

- Are they good? Are they bad? Do I look stupid? Do I look smarter? Do I look serious enough? Do I look like a nerd? Zoogami Eyewear has the answer.

- Ford is out with a series of videos promoting the Fiesta to the Latin population in America. Se theme here, here and here.

- SF Egoist has launched a program called "The Big Picture" which will encourage photographers to offer free agency headshots or free agency building shots. We'll promote the hell out of all the photographers who join. The goal is to get photographers in front of agencies so that they might be considered when a paid gig arises.

- Malibu Rum has launched Malibu by U, a site on which people can create their own bottle designs.

- The CLIO Awards has returned to its birthplace of New York City and will be held May 26-27.

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by Steve Hall    May-25-10   Click to Comment   
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