Angry Moms and Guns Deliver Message: Don't F%$K With Our Kids


Well here's an interesting approach to make communities aware of threats against children. We all know moms can get pretty worked up when their child is in peril. But whipping out a full-on Sly Stallone-style arsenal?

Yes, this commercial says "You don't need a gun to protect your kids" but why, then, gather together four moms, hand over the stockpile and let them go nuts? Yes, there's the whole metaphor thing but we really think the ad's creators just thought it would be cool to give a bunch on moms some guns and watch them shoot. In slow motion. With really angry, don't fuck-with-my-kids looks on their faces.

Way to get the gun control conversation started.

by Steve Hall    Jun-23-10   Click to Comment   
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