Leo Burnett Recruiter to Become Ad Industry's Bitch At Cannes


Why go to Cannes when you can have your own Cannes Stooge? Why embarrass yourself by getting drunk and ending up on some guy's couch in the morning wearing just your bikini? Why subject yourself to all the buffoonery and pompous idiocy...when you can have someone else experience it all for you?

That's where Leo Burnett Creative Recruiter David Perez comes in. Burnett is sending Perez to Cannes from June 21 - 26 equipped with a webcam mounted on his glasses and the edict he must do whatever anyone tweets him to do.

Yes. Perez will be the ad industry's bitch for a week. This is going to be fun. Out first request? Write "Adrants Was Here" in the cleavage of every ad hottie in attendance. Our second request? Give our Adrants Cannes Correspondent Angela Natividad (yes, Adrants will be monitoring your behavior again this year, people) an interview and share all your crazy Cannes stories with her.

And the third request? Give $100 (we will fund) to the girl who creates and wears the best (we judge) Adrants-branded bikini with our tagline on it thusly: "One Cup Marketing" on the right (her right) cup, One Cup Advertising" on the left cup (her left) and "A Pinch of Attitude" on the back of her bikini bottom. That's right. The Adrants tagline was meant for a bikini. And since we never actually had one made, we're happy to pay someone to do so. And please, make it look hot. We have a reputation to keep.

by Steve Hall    Jun-10-10   Click to Comment   
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