No Amount of Blood, Guts, Emotion Will Stop Drunk Driving


The impending doom in this French road safety PSA is tough to take. We've seen enough of these PSAs to realize immediately what its inevitable, if not rather predictable, conclusion will be. And it's never pretty. Not when alcohol and young adults are involved.

For five minutes, we are taken through the cringe worthy story of a few party happy twenty-somethings as they go about their evening festivities. Inter-cut with this are shots of the parents of these kids and the sad truths they must face.

Tough as these ads are to watch, this one doesn't come close to the emotional intensity others have brought about. Of course, it could be that's because we don't speak French and can't understand the dialog but this one seems a bit less potent that others we've seen.

Sad to say, it seems no matter how much effort goes into creating these safe and sober adverdramas, the real life drama continues unabated.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 7-10   Click to Comment   
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