Women Play, Vuvzelas Silenced, Wheat Thins Delivered


- Some hot women. Four martini flavors. A webcam. Fun.

- Here's that Ali Larter Absolut Lemon Drop short film.

- Vuvuzelas get silenced courtesy if Off.

- Hungry for Wheat Thins? Just tweet it and you'll be surprised what ends up in your driveway.

- What's all the fuss over Vuvuzelas? We had these things years ago and, as kids, used to blow them during parades.

- Want to see a derivatively boring car commercial? Look no further than this Dynamic Marketing Group-created VW GTI ad.

- We need to think big for this idea.

- Rogers Canada has inserted Needlebaum into a choose-your-own-adventure YouTube video compilation.

- More Old Spice.

- Wrangler's newest thing.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 9-10   Click to Comment   
Topic: Online