18 Free Tips For Great Social Media Ads


1. Use the right celebrity photo in context.
2. Using the word "free' always grabs people's attention.
3. Animating banners increases response rates by up to 25% on average. (Who knew?)
4. Using terms such as "Click Here", "Visit Now" and "Enter Here" increases click-rate by 15%
5. People love lists and statistics, 56% of which are made up.
6. Images grab attention more than words.
7. Smiling faces of hot girls work. (No, seriously)

8. On Facebook ads optimizing the photo is more important than optimizing the text.
9. Making the adverts more colorful...especially to clash with the blue and white of Facebook make them stand out more and get more clicks.
10. Rotating images (of hot girls, of course) keep ads fresh and people clicking.
11. Make the product the lead. (In addition to the hot girl, of course)
12. Understand your target's social media channel and what they respond too.
13. Remember the call to action.
14. Keep it simple stupid.
15. Using a question in your headline increases response.
16. Ask people to share the advert - Plz RT
17. Make ads that people like to share.
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