Hey, Guess What? Advertising is Dead! Who Knew?


We've all heard the stories. Advertising is dying. Advertising is dead. We've all seen it played out over and over again in various forms of media. Just about every agency has created some sort of self-promotional piece touting the fact they know advertising is dead and they are the only ones who can weather the storm and come out healthy on the other side which, of course, is why you should work with them and only them. Because, well, every other agency is stupid, anachronistic and can't get out of its own way.

But not Latvia's CCS. Oh no. They have all the answers and have launched as the country's first social media agency. And to do so, they've taken the whole "advertising is dead" thing to it's logical conclusion; a funeral. An actual funeral. Online and off. And they've invited every other agency in the country to attend.

Sadly, they've committed a grave, Online Markating 101 error. They've launched an "under construction" website. But that's OK because they have, yes, a Facebook page! And that's what social media is all about, right? Facebook. Facebook and Twitter. That's all you need do do the social media thing.

Well, here's hoping they're not that naive.

by Steve Hall    Aug-11-10   Click to Comment   
Topic: Agencies