I Breast Feed Because...


Now that's just what we need to distract us from our daily duties; a site, I Breastfeed Because, on which women can discuss why they breastfeed and upload videos. It's all to "give moms a voice on the importance of breastfeeding" during World Breast Feeding Week August 1-7. Who comes up with celebratory weeks for stuff like this?

Breast feeding, along with the rest of the crap that is thrown in our face on a daily basis, used to be a private matter. Not any more. Oh no. Got cancer? Tell the world. Too fat? Go on a TV show. Think your daughter dresses too skanky? Don't bother educating her about proper dress. Go on Jenny Jones and make a fool out of the both of you. Want to whip your tits out in public and feed your baby? Go right ahead. There's a web site just for you.

And, though it's impossible to believe, if women are hesitant to share, Bethenny Frankel of Bravo TV's Bethenny Getting Married has kicked off the conversation with a video of her own.

And before you go thinking this is all to empower women to feel good about breast feeding, it's just another promotion for a breast pump company, Ameda. They're all for breat feeding. As long as you buy their pumps.

Happy pumping.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 3-10   Click to Comment   
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