Copywriter Risks Scooter-Induced Hemorrhoid Outbreak for Charity


On September 9, Lawson Clark, aka MaleCopywriter, aka Burt Reynolds look-a-like, will embark upon a 3,200 journey from Vancouver to Portland Maine...on a 150cc scooter...for ten days to raise money for Parkinson's disease.

Every two years the Scooter Cannonball Run is held and every two years hundreds of people choose to ride across country on a hemorrhoid-inducing scooter. Some do it for fun. Some do it for charity. Others do it, well, because they are just crazy...or stupid.

But Lawson, fellow star of the movie Lemonade, is doing it for his uncle who recently lost his battle with the disease. We wish him well. And you should too.

Be sure to follow his adventure over at his blog.

by Steve Hall    Sep- 7-10   Click to Comment   
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