Drunk Driving Arrest Plays Out Over Social Media


We've all seen those gut-wrenching PSAs that urge us not to drink and drive. The ones that show the emotionally intense ramifications of that poor decision. From the simple to full-on death and dismemberment. We're late to this but this new PSA from Sherry Matthews Advocacy Marketing for the Texas Department of Transportation takes a decidedly different approach.

We see a tweet about meeting for a drink at a local bar. The entire scenario then unfolds online on social media platforms such as Twitter, SMS, Facebook, Gowalla(?), online banking, Google, Gmail and LinkedIn. From start to finish, the story is told using today's methods of communication.

It's so very realistic. It isn't over the top. It acknowledges the fact not every drunk driving arrest results in death and dismemberment but in more pedestrian ways such as a lost girlfriend, a lost job and a drained bank account.

This is the truest representation of a drunk driving scenario we've seen to date. Brilliant.

by Steve Hall    Sep-23-10   Click to Comment   
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