Smart Car Asks Belgians to Choose Black or White Clan


Maybe there isn't anything akin to the KKK in Belgium or maybe their whole outlook on race isn't so sensitive that they have to over analyze every last piece of creative before it goes out the door. Which is possibly why this Smart Car newspaper ad slid out the door without a " Wait, what?"

A newspaper ad taking the form of two adjacent columns asks readers to become a member of the white clan or a member of the black clan.

And as if to make some sort of riff on Ford Model T's classic color choice scenario ("you can have a car painted any color you want so long as it is black"), the copy reads, "white or black is probably the only question you still have."

The campaign offers a similar choice on a website as well.

Is this really a big deal or a creative means to offer up color choice?

by Steve Hall    Sep-28-10   Click to Comment   
Topic: Newspaper