Edge Offers Irritation Relief to Atlanta


In a recent study, the Edge Anti-Irritation Index, Atlanta was found to be the most irritated city. Following Atlanta were Houston (No. 2), Washington DC (No. 3) and Baltimore (No. 4) ranked Findings were based on 11 different irritating factors, including humidity levels; weather conditions; incidence of traffic delays and congestion; average commute times; frequency of flight delays and cancelations; rates of sleeplessness; underemployment; pollens and allergens; pests; and comedy clubs per capita.

The study is part of a new campaign from the brand which hopes to help stamp out iritation. Part of the campaign provides real time irritation relief to people voicing their frustrations on Twitter. Irritation Solutions Team staffers, using the Edge Twitter handle @EdgeShaveZone, monitor for annoyed tweeters and then offer a helping hand in the form of prizes, gift cards or other items that might lend a little relief. To join the conversations, people can use and search #soirritating.

Of the campaign, Edge Senior Brand Manager Jeffrey Wolf said, "We may find someone who's really irritated about the traffic jam they're in and offer to send them a GPS unit. Or maybe someone's tweeting about being stuck in the rain. Well, we've got an umbrella with your name on it. The other day we gave a guy whose hard drive had crashed a brand new one."

Visitors to EdgeShaveZone.com can reduce their stress by sharing their daily irritations. The site features a comment section and a map of the United States, showing which states are the most and least irritated, as populated through guest comments. There's also an anti-irritation tool that allows men to test their levels of irritation by measuring the pace and force of punching the keyboard's P and O keys - the harder you mash the keyboard, the higher the site ranks your personal irritation index.

by Steve Hall    Oct- 1-10   Click to Comment   
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