Endangered Species Plead Their Case in Biodiversity Effort


Who the hell invented the term "biodiversity?" It sounds like some kind of namby pamby version of a perfectly good word that's been around forever: extinction. Yea, biodiversity is all about being nice to endangered animals so they aren't forever erased from this earth.

Can't we just say what we mean? Do we always have to invent "softer sounding" phraseology when all we really need to say is "hey, there aren't a lot of blobfish around so stop killing them. That said, this new campaign from for Biovision from Walker Zurich is amusing enough.

In three videos, we see three endangered animals - star nose mole, aye aye lemur and blobfish - share their traits in an apparent effort to make them seem more human and relatable. Trouble is, they aren't human which is why they are, to most, irrelevant little creatures who, if they never existed, wouldn't affect a single humans live in any way, shape of form. Which, of course, is why an ad campaign is needed to raise our awareness of these little guys.

Or so it seems.

by Steve Hall    Oct-27-10   Click to Comment   
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