Kid Freaks Out Over Mall's Public PA System to Pimp Hotline


If you have kids, you've been there. You know what the public tantrum is like. You know what it's like to be stared at as if you were the worst parent in the world. You wish you could leave all the groceries behind and just walk out of the store. It's not fun.

But Duval Guillaume has made a bit of fun out of the fact some kids are just out of control. With broadcasts over the public PA system of a large mall in Belgium, the agency created a scenario in which a mall worker is trying to page the child's parent while the child screams and acts up in the background. And all the shoppers get to listen to this tirade.

The stunt concludes with an announcer letting parents know there's Opvoedengslijn, a new advice hotline for parents with out of control kids.They've dubbed it First Aid For Out of Control Kids. Funny. But, for many, very helpful

by Steve Hall    Oct-22-10   Click to Comment   
Topic: Guerilla