Happy Hunters Digital Flashmob Brings Happiness to Internet


Bloggers are a lonely bunch. People don't comment enough. The internet isn't happy enough. Well, at least that's how Desigual sees it. And they've set out to make a change. A new campaign called Happy Hunters asks people to leave "happy" comments on selected blogs which are then picked up by the campaign and turned into...wait for it...a digital flashmob.

Yes, you read that right. The meat space flashmob has been done to death so it's time for something new; the digital flashmob. Of course, trolls have been doing this all on their own since the early days of message boards but we're not going to quibble. After all, we're an industry that loves to apply fancy buzzwords to something that's been around forever, call it new and lay claim to it.

So go make a blogger happy. Leave a comment. Not here though. We don't want to be happy. We operate on bitterness, bitchiness and anger. Don't go trying to change us.

by Steve Hall    Nov- 2-10   Click to Comment   
Topic: Online