Improv Pianist Serenades Gatwick Travelers for T-Mobile


Some have, incorrectly, labeled this latest T-Mobile airport marketing stunt a flashmob. It's not. It's guerrilla marketing in it's finest form. What better way to break up the monotony of airport life than by placing a big, pink grand piano in a Gatwick terminal and getting Chatroulette piano dude Merton to perform custom vocals for passersby?

Yes, it does seem T-Mobile has a thing for marketing in airports and pubic spaces. They've done it before at Heathrow and they've done it before at Liverpool Station.

While the pink piano scream T-Mobile branding, Merton offers up humorous, enjoyable entertainment for weary travelers. A perfect combination.

by Steve Hall    Nov-29-10   Click to Comment   
Topic: Guerilla