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Don't You Dare Turn That New York Jets Game Off


Here's the latest in Mullen's Ground Rules campaign for JetBlue. Witness what happens when the bartender turns off the New York Jets game at an East Village bar. Not exactly the best thing to do. And...if you wouldn't take it on the ground, don't take it in the air.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-22-10    
Topic: Commercials, Video

Consumer Reports Makes Naughty and Nice List


Just in time for the holidays, Consumer Reports has created a Naughty and Nice list. On the list are brands which have nice customer service policies and brands with not so nice customer service policies. Take a look.


1 Southwest. Two pieces of checked luggage, no charge. And that includes bulky freight such as golf clubs and skis.

2 L.L.Bean. 100 percent product satisfaction guarantee. Return anything at any time for any reason.

3 Zappos.com. Free shipping and free returns, including prepaid return label.

4 Costco. Open-ended return policy for virtually everything the warehouse retailer sells minus some home electronics, which come with a still-generous 90-day return period.

5 U.S. Cellular. While the FCC is proposing that cell carriers alert consumers who are about to exceed their plans' monthly minutes allotment, which could lead to significant overage charges, this company is already practicing due diligence and giving its customers a heads up.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-22-10    
Topic: Brands

Rudolph is A Brown (Red) Noser


So if you're a flying, talking, human-headed reindeer and you don't know what to get Santa for Christmas just ask Rudolph. He's got a red nose but he's also got a brown one. Take a look at this new commercial from Cactus and Fueld Films for the Colorado Lottery's Holiday Scratch game.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-22-10    
Topic: Strange

Just Because She's Drunk Doesn't Mean She Wants It


With the realization over half of all sexual assaults are alcohol-related, SAVE, a collection of cause groups fighting sexual assault, has launched the Don't Be That Guy campaign. Targeting 18-24 year old men, the poster campaign carries straight forward messaging that includes the headlines, "Just because you help her home ... doesn't mean you get to help yourself and "Just because she isn't saying no ... doesn't mean she's saying yes." A third, to be placed above urinals in men's rooms, will carry the headline, "Just because she's drunk doesn't mean she wants to f***."

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by Steve Hall    Nov-22-10    
Topic: Poster

Best PSA + Worst Product Placement = Week's Most Read Stories


Amidst the onslaught of bikinis, celebrities and breasts, it's nice to see a few other subject areas rise to the top of the pile on Adrants this past week. Tops among the non boob-related stories last week was the news that the stunningly beautiful Embrace Life seat belt safety PSA won YouTube's Ad of the Year Award. And on the flip side of that stellar work, we were treated to some of the most horrifically forced product placement ever to grace television. Enjoy reliving the week:

1. Polish Politician Pimps Political Prowess in Bikini 2. Taylor Momsen Didn't Always Wear Black Eye Shadow and Slutty Clothes
3.Law School Shocked Over Racy Diesel Ad Shoot
4. Victoria Justice Joins Photoshop Disasters For Got Milk Campaign
5. Hypocrisy + Idiocy = Candies Safe Sex PSA
6. Facebook Hates Breast Feeding
7. 'Days of Our Lives' Riddled With Horrific Product Placement
8. Beckinsale, Deschanel, Larter Drop, Twist and Bleed For Absolut
9. Infographic Compares Mad Men Era to Today
10. Embrace Life PSA Wins YouTube Ad of the Year

by Steve Hall    Nov-21-10    
Topic: Cause, Celebrity, Policy, Racy

Embrace Life PSA Wins YouTube Ad of the Year


If you can't watch this ad without it bringing a tear to your eye, then something is very wrong with you. Well, maybe that's just us but it is one of the best ads ever created. We're talking about the wondrous Alexander Commercials-created ad called Embrace Life for the UK's Sussex Safer Roads during which a father is saved, in tear-jerking slow motion, by his daughter and wife who take on the role of seatbelt.

The ad just won YouTube's Ad of the Year Award, besting Old Spice's I'm on a Horse.

Copyranter points out the ad came from a relative unkown and nabbed only a Bronze at Cannes. You don't have to be famous and work for a big agency to create great work.

To date, the ad has been viewed over 11 million times on YouTube.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-19-10    
Topic: Best, Cause, Industry Events

Alec Baldwin Supports Mother's Love For Wegman's


While the ads are not all that great...after all, they're for a grocery store...we can tell you from personal experience that Rochester, New York-based Wegman's is every bit as awesome as Alec Baldwin's mother says it is. If you recall, Baldwin appeared on Letterman and told Dave after Baldwin and one of his brothers suggested their mother relocate from Syracuse to California, Baldwin's mother's response was, "And leave Wegman's?"

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by Steve Hall    Nov-19-10    
Topic: Celebrity, Commercials

Epic Burp Ruins Epic Beauty of Epic Beer Commercial


Almost reminiscent of the epic Carlton Draught Big Ad (which you absolutely must watch again), Clemenger BBDO is out with another epic Australian beer commercial. The ad begins with epic music accompanying an epic journey through epically beautiful Brewtopia to an epic Parthenon atop the epic Mount Utopia which offers up even more epicness like a white flying horse and epic looking pure blonde beer babes dressed in flowing white robes who serve up Pure Blonde beer.

It's all...well...epically epic. That is until one guy is epically rude and destroys every last bit of epicness with a tiny burp which turns epic as it echoes through the mountaintops until it causes the epic destruction of the previously epic Mount Utopia.

All that's left standing are the two guys, their two beers and the dress one guy ripped off the epically beautiful pure Blonde beer babe.


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by Steve Hall    Nov-19-10    
Topic: Brands, Commercials, Creative Commentary, Good

Facebook Hates Breast Feeding


We all know Facebook has a twisted outlook when it comes to privacy and all things related to acceptable content on its site. Writing on Work That Matters, Tom Megginson takes a close look at Facebook's stance on breastfeeding.

With a collection of images that compares the site's apparent love for the sensationalizing of large breasts and apparent disdain for a practice that simply nourishes a child, Megginson points out Facebook's seemingly twisted sense of acceptability when it comes to nudity and the female breast.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-18-10    
Topic: Trends and Culture

Ad Calls Attention to Paraplegia by Encasing Woman in Cement


An ad for Spain's TV3 promoting a telethon to raise money to fight paraplegia is the latest entry in Copyranter's Inappropriate Humor PSA category. But is it really all that inappropriate? We went to a source who should know: a friend who is a paraplegic.

She thinks the ad is very effective and told us, "I think that's a great ad because that's exactly how people feel when they can't move. Great emotional pull without being insensitive."

It's hard to imagine what life would be like without the use of one's legs or, worse, one's entire body. No ad can truly hope to emote to a fully functional four-limbed human what life would be like sitting in a chair but this ad tries.

by Steve Hall    Nov-18-10    
Topic: Cause

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