Law School Shocked Over Racy Diesel Ad Shoot


When they gave Diesel permission to use their library last March for a ten hour ad campaign shoot, did the Brooklyn Law School really think the outcome wouldn't be racy? Apparently not because the school now regrets allowing the brand to use their facilities.

In an email to students and staff, the school's Dean wrote, 'We are as shocked and mortified as you must be by these photographs. When the school gave its permission to do the shoot, the school was assured that the photos would be in good taste. They are not.'

A spokesperson told Above the Law, "Television and movie producers frequently ask for permission to use our beautiful facilities as a backdrop and we try to oblige when we can. When we gave Diesel jeans permission to do a photo shoot, we understood that jeans, and not what is worn under them, would be the subject of the shoot. We would not want to create the impression that the featured attire was approved by us."

Gothamist reports the school is placing blame on Event Director Chris Gibbons who witnessed the shoot but never told school administrators about the shoots raciness. Interestingly, had the school simply not made a stink, no one would have known the shoot took place at the school as the agreement stipulated there would be no identifying marks or imagery in the finished ads.

What are your thoughts? Did Diesel dupe the school? Was the school asleep at the wheel when it gave permission? Are the images too racy? Does the campaign tarnish the schools image?

by Steve Hall    Nov-15-10   Click to Comment   
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