Perry Reduced, ABC Sells Scenes, Brands Auctioned


- So stupid. It seems Katy Perry's reps felt her boobs looked too big in a recent VH1 promotion for the network's Divas Salute the Troops and asked that they be digitally reduced. Um, why? What, exactly, is wrong with big breasts? Hers aren't even that big anyway. She's a 34D.

- ABC is now selling sponsorship of "scenes from next week" which run during the current week's episode.

- You've seen them before but we love these UbyKotex ads which poke fun at stereotypical feminine protection ads.

- Ford has been awarded the first ever Nielsen Automotive Green Marketer of the Year Award.

- Back when ads were gleefully sexist, you couold write headlines like "We put the 'Broad' in Broadcloth."

- Doing its part for the holidays, Target has released The Christmas Gig, a free original holiday-themed soundtrack. And they didn't even bend over to a cause group and call it The Holiday Gig. We are so proud of you, Target!

- For the next five days, EA will run a takeover unit on UK MSN Games to promote its Need for Speed Hot Pursuit game. Um, guys, it's not really a page takeover unit. It's more like an expandable banner. And one that appears to greatly slow the load time of the page.

- Dead brand names like Infoseek and Meister Brau are being put up for auction next month.

by Steve Hall    Nov-18-10   Click to Comment   
Topic: Brands, Celebrity