Hip Hop Hotties Hype Bavarian-Themed Tourist Destination


Miss us? Yea, it's been quiet here for a few days. But it was for good reason., We were at a conference called SocialFresh and it was held on a cruise ship with seriously limited internet access. More on that later. For now, let's talk about Woody Goomsba and Leavenworth Washington. Never heard of it? Well, you will have after you've viewed this video promoting the Bavarian-themed destination.

Unlike your average tourism video which barfs up transitional imagery of a destination's supposed beauty, Leavenworth takes a different approach. it's not a new approach but it works. The strategy? Hot women dressed in sexed-up Dirndle wear who hang with crackin' nutcracker Woody Goomsba and gyrate to the sounds of some beat heavy hip hop rap.

Naturally, some of the commentary isn't all that praise-worthy given the sexed up focus of the promotion. To that, we say, relax, get a life, move on, stop bitching and just appreciate the work for what it is; a tongue and cheek look at a place that sells itself as a miniature Bavaria.

Of the video, Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Nancy Smith said, "We quietly put it on YouTube on Friday. We haven't even sent any press releases out. But people have found it. We've received feedback from some guests that found it not to be depicting the Leavenworth they know and love."

Well of course you have, Nancy. That's because some people simply do not have the mental capacity to understand a bit of wink, wink, nod-style humor even when the humor is clearly an over the top, exaggerated representation of the subject matter.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 7-10   Click to Comment   
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