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Kevin Bacon Tops Top Stories of the Week


This round of last week's top stories brings us one of the funniest commercials we've seen in a long time; Kevin Bacon playing Kevin Bacon's biggest fan for Logitech. He nails it perfectly. In other popular stories this week, AT&T very humorously attempts to tell us it has the best 3G service, Ian McKellen is seduced by Marion Cotillard, Dirdle-dressed hotties dance to promote Bavarian tourist destination, members of the Lingerie Football League support PETA and Dr. Ashley proves only the Old Spice guy can be the Man You Wish Your Man Smelled Like.

1. Kevin Bacon is Kevin Bacon's Biggest Fan
2. Worst Bra Commercial Ever!
3. Marion Cotillard Helps Crippled Ian McKellen Walk
4. AT&T Has the Fastest Mobile Broadband. Um....Hahahahahaha!
5. You're an Asshat for Calling 'Dibs' on That Parking Space
6. Hip Hop Hotties Hype Bavarian-Themed Tourist Destination
7. Lingerie Football League Hotties Save Rabbits, Elephants
8. HBO Programming Crowdsourced
9. Sometimes All You Need is a Logo
10. Dr. Ashley is Not the Man You Wish You Could Smell Like

by Steve Hall    Dec-11-10    
Topic: Celebrity, Commercials, Racy

Portman Poses, Business Socializes, Low Carb Homophobia


- Natalie Portman is the new face for Dior Chérie fragrance and will appear in a series of print ads shot by Tim Walker and a TV campaign by Sofia Coppola in March 2011.

- In 2011 80% of US businesses with 100+ employees will use social media marketing, up 42% from 2008.

- Daffy's does AssCrackVertising.

- A New Zealand ad campaign has raised the ire of people after suggesting low-carb beer is only for homosexuals.

- In most places bras are sold by having models wear them while prancing around as if they want to have sex with you. In Taiwan, they just hang them on a Christmas tree.

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by Steve Hall    Dec-10-10    
Topic: Agencies, Celebrity, Guerilla, Racy, Research

Party Invites Roll in for Affiliate Summit West


If you're heading to Las Vegas in January for Affiliate Summit, which has moved to the very posh Wynn, then you'll want to know all about where and when the best parties will be held. Luckily, that information is beginning to flow in and we're happy to share it with you.

First off, Moss Networks, which has held many successful parties at ad:tech and Affiliate Summit in the past will be producing the Ultimate Affiliate Event for sponsors Empyre Media and DankCash held January 9 at 10PM at the Blush Boutique Nightclub. As always, there will be a hosted bar, live entertainment, a DJ and maybe even a visit from the dance foursome that often frequents Moss Networks parties. If you want to attend or sponsor, head over to the website.

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by Steve Hall    Dec-10-10    
Topic: Industry Events

KFC to Award $20,000 in Food to a 'So Good' City


To promote KFC's Festive Feast, a 12-piece, time-saving meal, the brand is asking fans to explain why their hometown deserves a holiday season visit from KFC's "So Good" Secret Santa/Colonel, who will hide miniature prize-filled KFC buckets throughout the city.

On December 21, the winning city will awake to find mini versions of KFC's chicken buckets hidden by a Colonel Sanders lookalike dressed in Santa apparel. Each bucket will hold cash gift cards and gift checks for KFC food totaling $20,000.

Residents can get into the game with a good 'ol fashioned email to KFCSoGoodHoliday@gmail.com with an explanation as to why their home town is in need of a visit from the "So Good" Secret Santa.

by Steve Hall    Dec-10-10    
Topic: Promotions

Who Knew a Kia Optima Was So Dreamy?


We love the tagline of this new David&Goliath-created Kia commercial, "No one ever dreamt of driving a mid-sized sedan. Until now." This tagline follows the mystical adventure of a boy whose bed turns into a moving vehicle that takes him on a magical tour into the night towards a very dreamy looking San Francisco.

As he crosses the Golden Gate, he's accompanied by a white horse, a couple of knights and a very Hogwarts Express looking train...filed with animals and a very cute looking little girl.

The boy and his bed then zoom through a tunnel and reappear as Kia Optima and grown man.

Hey, it's just a car commercial but it's far more engaging than most of the other automotive crap out there today. Thanks, David&Goliath...who had wondrous production assistance from Beacon Street Studios and director Lance Accord.

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by Steve Hall    Dec-10-10    
Topic: Commercials, Creative Commentary, Good

The 1980's Are Calling and They Want Your ANDY Entries


The ANDY Awards has hooked up with Victor & Spoils to create Montage Me, a campaign that allows entrants to place themselves in a 1980's-style music video choosing from one of three soundtracks. The campaign, created by Leo Burnett Energy Pool's Michael Williams, Jyn Yi and Justin Gilman, was winner among 1,000 entries to the organization's Call for Entries Challenge aimed at inspiring creatives across the globe to enter their work in the 2011 International ANDY Awards.

So check it out, creatives. You have until January 7 to get your act together, make your video and submit your work for consideration.

Hmm. Where's McCann's More Fucking Cowbell when you need them most?

by Steve Hall    Dec-10-10    
Topic: Industry Events

Marion Cotillard Helps Crippled Ian McKellen Walk


In what some would consider to be cinematic excellence, director John Cameron Mitchell orchestrates an eight minute film for Christian Dior's Lady Dior during which Marion Cotillard offers inspiration to a crippled Ian McKellen and an artistically stifled painter, Russell Tovey. It's quite touching actually.

The film, called Lady Grey London, has Cotillard performing in front of a spellbound audience and driving men mad with desire. She invites one of her onlookers, a wheelchair-bound Ian McKellen to her dressing room where she works magic on his legs. She then visits the painter and imbues him with intense creativity. Both McKellen and the painter reap the benefits of Cotillard's touch.

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 9-10    
Topic: Best, Brands, Celebrity, Video

AT&T Has the Fastest Mobile Broadband. Um....Hahahahahaha!


Given AT&T's service woes (perceived or otherwise), this new campaign from BBDO will make you laugh...in more ways than one. In an attempt to reinforce the notion (perceived or otherwise) AT&T has the fastest mobile broadband network, humor and awkwardness are used to demonstrate the benefits of receiving mobile broadband information fast and first. Otherwise, you're left out of the joke. Or you look like an idiot.

But, really. Who will be laughing at who...and about what in these commercials? AT&T isn't exactly the poster child for fast and reliable mobile phone service. In fact, it was just rated the worst cell phone provider by Consumer reports.

To be fair, an honest comparison between AT&T and Verizon can't really be done until the iPhone is on Verizon as AT&T claims it's the bandwidth hungry iPhone that drags its service down. It might drag Verizon down too but we won't know that until Verizon gets the iPhone sometime next year.

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 9-10    
Topic: Brands, Campaigns, Commercials

Worst Bra Commercial Ever!


At LiviRae, no bust is too big or too small. But if you want a bra that can't support you while you jog down the street in slow motion as your boobs bounce wildly up and down threatening to knock you out, then head over to any retailer because, well, they just don't care about your boobs.

But if you want a bra that keeps your prodigious pulchritude in place...while running down the street in slow motion...then head over to LiviRae. Because they care. They've got what you want. And because..."We fit 'em all."

Good God! It looks like this commercial was made by a car dealer.

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 9-10    
Topic: Worst

You're an Asshat for Calling 'Dibs' on That Parking Space


This campaign is sure to spark some street fighting. In cities hit by heavy winter weather, calling "dibs" on a just shoveled parking space is common practice. But it's not legal. And this new campaign from Chair Free Chicago aims to put an end to the practice of placing chairs in parking spaces as a means to claim them.

Chair Free Chicago has published three signs Chicagoans can download and place in shoveled spaces to make it known saving (hogging?) parking spaces is not appreciated.

Signs range in tone from the apologetically admonishing Minneapolis Mad ("It's just so gosh darn snowy here in Chicago, if everyone started saving spaces, why, we wouldn't have anywhere to park!") to the more aggressive New York Mad ("Consider yourself a selfish prick, you selfish prick."). There's even an option for those who believe actions speak louder than words ("Free! Please take me home, I'm all yours.").

Our favorite is the New York version which drops "asshat" into the copy.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 9-10    
Topic: Cause, Poster

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