Missoni Signs Meester, GIFS Given, Vintage Ads Socialized


- In addition to having just signed a deal with Vera Wang, Leighton Meester will also become the face of fashion label Missoni and front the brand's advertising.

- like Chris Pine? Think Evan Rachel Wood is hot? Then you'll love seeing the two of them together in a Gucci Guilty ad campaign.

- Apparently, online advertising as we know it will end following the proposed Do Not Track list.

- It's not an ad campaign but it is a campaign. A campaign to buy Maggie Gyllenhall a boob job.

- Don't give gifts this year. Give GIFS.

- The latest addition to the Prius Project, developed by Saatchi & Saatchi LA is th Prius Cozy, a kitted sweater designed to wrap the vehicle.

- Canadian firm Playground has launched an online game called The Game of Things which hooks into social networks and prompts replies to statements such as, "Things you do when no one is looking."

- A collection of vintage ads remade to promote Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Skype and other online companies.

- Yet another agency game holiday card style.

- Here's a commercial created by a waitress who works for Carino's called Let It Snow. It's pretty good.

- The Ghosts of Pitches Past

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