99 Cents Gets You 88 Percent Beef


By now you've heard Taco Bell is facing a law suit that claims the restaurant chain is serving a "meat mixture" which consists of just 35 percent ground beef. Taco Bell has responded with ads in, among others, The New York Times and Wall Street Journal containing the headline, "Thank you for suing us" and a video (below) in which Taco Bell President Greg Creed explains exactly what's in Taco Bell meat.

After stating Taco Bell meat is 100 percent USDA inspected, Creed goes on to say the Taco Bell's meat mixture is 88 percent USDA quality inspected beef. The mixture's other 12 percent he says is "our secret." Divulging the secret, Creed goes on to say the remaining 12 percent consists of water (3%) to keep the meat "moist and juicy," Mexican spices and flavor (4%) and the remainder (5%) is oats, sugar, yeast, citric acid and "other ingredients.

This is all good so long as you trust the USDA.

by Steve Hall    Jan-31-11   Click to Comment