Boy Drags Girl to Trash Making Internet Safe


Here's one of the weirdest ads we've seen in a long time. Supposedly, it calls attention to the dangers the internet can pose to children. It's a promotion from Insafe for Safer Internet Day which occurs February 8. The event aims to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones.

In the video, we see a boy online who seems to have discovered the wonders of the internet for the first time. Movies. News. Pictures. And hot girls in red bikinis.

Once she appears, the hot chick laughs at the boy because, well, he's just a boy and not a man. And he shouldn't be ogling hot chicks online. Or so it would seem that's the message being delivered here. The ad ends with the tagline, "It's more than a game, it's your life."

The boy, unlike any boy we know, dutifully drags the girl to the trash and, poof, she's gone. All is well again with Junior. And the internet is, once again, a safe place to travel.

by Steve Hall    Jan-19-11   Click to Comment   
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