Havas Jumps on Social Media Bandwagon With Stake in Startup


As predicted, the industry is fulfilling the prophecy 2011 will become known as the year social media went mainstream. Following the recent acquisition of Powered Inc. by Dachis Group, Havas Worldwide has taken a majority stake in Colleen DeCourcy's startup, Socialistic, described as "a social software and high value content studio for branded media with expertise in building social value for brands through the design of shared experience."

While Dachis may dispute the claim, Socialistic is being touted as the "first-ever social agency model."

With technologists, journalists, writers and videographers, Socialistic will be housed in New York. The agencies work will focus on social platform APIs, mobile applications, digital OOH, in-store, media properties and other branded digital products.

Explaining Socialistic's approach, DeCourcy said, "What really sets this new agency apart from other digital or social media specialists is that Socialistic is a marketing technology studio. It's what happens when a group of brilliant writers and filmmakers are moved into a room with a team of experienced technology entrepreneurs. The output isn't campaign driven; it's product and community driven. And that's a big change from the normal agency model."

Of their decision to acquire Socialistic, Havas Worldwide CEO David Jones said, "Our industry used to be just about having the best talent. It's now about talent and technology. Socialistic combines one of the most brilliant digital talents in the world - Colleen DeCourcy - with cutting edge technology. I'm really looking forward to what this start-up will be able to deliver for our clients to keep them ahead of their competitors,"

And there you have it. The advertising industry will no longer worship the creative superstars who developed The Big Idea. No. The future stars of advertising will be the geeks. The technologists. The IT guy in the back room of the agency who used to watch porn all day long. Yes. The people we called when we had a virus on our computer or couldn't get our laptop to connect to the agency's WiFi will now be called upon to develop branded applications, iPhone apps, custom APIs.

It's not Don Draper's world anymore, people.

by Steve Hall    Jan-24-11   Click to Comment