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Gay Parenting Supported With New Campaign


Non-profit organization The Pop Luck Club, which supports gay fathers in Southern California, is out with a new ad campaign, Raise a Child, that aims to raise awareness and garner support for gay fathers and their families. Subjects such as surrogacy, fostering and adoption are explored with radio PSAs and bus shelters in and around the Los Angeles area.

Explaining the campaign, Pop Luck Club Co-President Richard Valenza said, "We make lunches for our kids, get them to music and karate lessons...just like every family. With this campaign, we are putting a real face on gay parenting."

The genesis of the group in 1998 was the gathering of gay fathers for pot luck dinners and the sharing of lifestyle issues. The group has since grown to over 500 members.

by Steve Hall    Jan- 4-11    
Topic: Poster, Radio

Axe Powerful Enough to Call Angels From Heaven


In yet another stretch, a Dutch Axe commercial tries to convince us its fragrance is so alluring it causes angels (the hottest, of course) to fall from the sky and smash their halos. Conceivably because they'd rather live a terrestrial life with an Axe spraying idiot rather than the heavenly life of the divine.

More likely, it's the overbearing stench of the stuff that's caused them to momentarily lose their balance in the clouds.

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by Steve Hall    Jan- 4-11    
Topic: Strange

PSFK Launches Quora-Like Service for Marketers


New York-based trend and research company PSFK has launched PurpleList, a Quora-like question and answer service for marketers staffed by 750 invited industry experts from around the world including Foursquare Founder Dennis Crowley, Engadget Founder Peter Rojas and Treehugger FOunder Graham Hill.

PSFK Founder Piers Fawkes tells us, "The site has been specifically designed to accomodate the rapid research needs of agencies. Strategists and planners will especially find it useful during new business pitches or when preparing an urgent creative brief."

Pricing for the service begins at $1 per question.

by Steve Hall    Jan- 3-11    
Topic: Tools

Pantyhose Revisited, AOL Recruits, Outdoor Excites


- Everyone's one kind of obsession or another. This guy loves German and Swedish pantyhose ads from decades pasts.

- AOL is begging people to come work for them with a billboard on highway 101 in Silicon Valley.

- This outdoor installation totally captures a child's wide eyed fascination with Hot Wheels.

- To tout the debut of its first fragrance, Jimmy Choo has launched an ad campaign fronted by the brand's own Co-Founder, Tamara Mellon.

by Steve Hall    Jan- 3-11    
Topic: Campaigns, Outdoor

Breastcancer.Org Seeks Sponsors For Second Annual Bowling Event


On Wednesday, February 16 from 6PM to 10PM at Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge in New York, Breastcancer.org will host its second annual bowling fundraiser. Over 500 are expected to attend the event which will feature an open bar, hors d'oeuvres, billiards, a silent auction and, of course, bowling. It is hoped the event will raise $500 - $700,000.

Sponsors are sought for the event and many in the media and advertising community have already stepped up including Turner Broadcasting, Yahoo, national Geographic, New York Times, 24/7 Real Media, MRI, Pandora, ING, Time, Fox and many others.

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by Steve Hall    Jan- 3-11    
Topic: Cause

Newsflash! White Club to Revolutionize Game of Golf!


If you're a golfer, your world is about to change dramatically. TaylorMade has introduced a "product innovation that will revolutionize the game of golf." Yes. It's true. The game of golf is about to go where no one has gone before. White. Yes white.

No, it's not a racial thing. Though this particular sport is full of all kinds of snobby crap in that particular category, we're just talking about the color of a golf club. Traditionally black, TaylorMade is introducing a line of drivers that are white.

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by Steve Hall    Jan- 3-11    
Topic: Campaigns

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