You Have Never Seen A Presidential Ad Like This One


You can just feel Michael Bay pumping his fist in the background of this movie trailer-esque video for former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty as it crescendos with patriotic bravado and pulls at the heartstrings. No matter your political beliefs, if you aren't at least moved in some way by this commercial then you are beyond jaded and there isn't much hope for you.

The ad, which promotes Pawlenty's book and is a prelude to his Presidential bid, is the best political ad we have ever seen during our career in this business. Detractors will dub the ad bombastic, over the top sensationalism but we ask you this; isn't that the point of any good political campaign? To get us all to rally around a person who we believe can do what it takes to lead this country?

We sway democratic around here but after viewing this ad, we want to run out and vote for this guy. Yes, this is just an ad. And you can't base a vote solely on an ad campaign. And who knows what this guy is really like outside of a well-oiled ad campaign but he's now on our radar. And in a very favorable light.

And isn't that what advertising is supposed to do?

by Steve Hall    Jan-28-11   Click to Comment   
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