Chrysler...and Eminem...Will Save Detroit


What does a town that's been to hell and back know about the finer things in life? Everything, according to this two minute commercial from Chrysler which appeared during the third quarter of the Super Bowl. The commercial gives an insight into what Detroit has been through and why the difficulties the town has been through make it the perfect place for building great automobiles. Especially Chrysler automobiles.

Detroit isn't New York or the windy city or an emerald city but, cue Eminem, this is the motor city and this is what we do. Oh, yes, my brotha'.

While in some ways, the commercial sounds like it's making excuses for itself, it also does a beautiful job making you feel like it has a chance to make it back from Hell.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 6-11   Click to Comment   
Topic: Super Bowl 2011