Lane Bryant to Celebrate Plus Size Models With Las Vegas Fashion Show


If your commercial is deemed too hot to TV, what's a reputable fashion brand to do? Head to Las Vegas and host your own catwalk, of course. And that's just what Lane Bryant is doing. Early last year, the brand ran a commercial with a plus sized model whose boobs were apparently deemed too big for TV by Fox and ABC.

The ad featured 5'4" 22-year-old Ashley Graham who is a 38D...apparently far too enormous for the networks to handle. They need to get out more. 38D is really not that big if you just look around a bit. But we digress.

On February 20 at Planet Hollywood, Lane Bryant will stage its first fashion show in almost a decade. And, yes, Graham will be there along with other lane Bryant models Lizzie Miller and Sydni Sales.

Commenting on Graham's appearance in last year's commercial and why plus size models should be as equally showcased as Victoria's Secret models, Lane Bryant VP of Marketing Jay Dunn said, "When Ashley Graham sauntered out of the house in last year's Cacique commercial wearing only red lingerie and a trench coat, she slammed the door on the long-held societal perception that size can't be sexy. Curves not only can be sexy - they are sexy. Our Red Bra ad campaign was never about creating controversy - it was about proving a point: more than half of American women are plus size and they have every right and reason to proudly show off their assets and feel beautiful and confident. This fashion show is a 'coming out party', a celebration of fashion and fearlessness - not only for the Lane Bryant and Cacique brands, but for the millions of women who have joined the groundswell of support to rewrite the rules and throw the world a curve."

And there you have it. All we need now is a catwalk showdown that would pit the lane Bryant models against the Victoria's Secret models in a mud wrestling grudge match.

by Steve Hall    Feb-17-11   Click to Comment   
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