Mitsubishi Breaks Five Guinness Records in 24 Hours


In a refreshing departure from the ad industry's obsessive focus on awards which mean nothing to the general public, we are pleased to see that 180LA is giving a nod to awards "regular" people have heard of: Guinness World Records.

To highlight the winter weather prowess of the Mitsubishi Outlader and Outlander Sport, 180LA traveled to Ghost Lake near Calgary, Alberta in an attempt to break as menay Guinness World Records as they could in a 24 hour period.

With elaborate set ups and a Daniel Craig's stunt double, Garvin Cross, five records were surpassed:

1. Greatest distance driven by a vehicle in reverse on snow in 30 seconds;
2. Shortest braking distance by a vehicle on ice;
3. Most vehicle figure eights on ice in two minutes;
4. Fastest vehicle slalom relay on ice; and
5. Fastest driven square lap.

This work will be part of a campaign which launches today across TV, digital, social and PR. Spots will air on 12 network and cable TV stations, including ESPN, Discovery Channel, and FX. Digital marketing includes homepage takeovers, online banners as well as a social media push. All campaign elements lead consumers to to find out more.

Of the campaign, 180LA Creative Director Gavin Milner said, "Breaking world records seemed like a worthy challenge, as well as a fresh idea for a marketing campaign. It's an awesome way to show the technical prowess of the feature-rich lineup of Outlander vehicles."

by Steve Hall    Feb- 9-11   Click to Comment   
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