Shannon Doherty Like You've Never Seen Her Before


- Here's Shannon Doherty like you've never seen her before. She does a beautiful job in this episode of Suite 7, a sponsored episodic series from the Better Sleep Council and produced by CJP Digital Media. Other episodes star Draig Bierko, Brian Austin Green, Illeana Douglas, Milo Ventimiglia and others.

- Big River has created a campaign for the National 4-H Council which includes print, radio, TV and a video which features 4-H kids talking about their experiences with 4-H. Dubbed Generation G, these kids are giving their time to improve their communities.

- George W. Bush's daughter, Barbara Bush, has filmed a PSA supporting gay marriage in New York. Tsk. Tsk. Daddy wouldn't approve.

- Angry Birds lovers will have a chance to get to a new level with a special code embedded within a commercial for Twentieth Century Fox's RIO.

- Here's something fun. Tweet with the hashtag #steelersnation and you can see a towel twist on a website. Yea. Seriously. That's it.

- There is conflict in the land of the NFL on FOX. There are tensions. There are jealousies that threaten to tear this family apart. There really is only one place to go to air these grievances, reveal these petty differences, and work through these problems. That place, is the Dr. Phil show.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 2-11   Click to Comment   
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