Sophia Vergara Pimps Fitness, Bennett's Seeks Biker Babes


- You just saw her in that controversial ad for Diet Pepsi's new skinny can. Now you can see Sophia Vergara in all her delicious glory in an old ad for Bally Fitness.

- Bennetts insurance company is seeking a collection of new Bennetts Babes with a new video featuring Jennifer Metcalfe.

- Here's the story behind the fake shaving helmut stunt that was developed to promote a real shaving device specifically designed for the head.

- Boston University Adlab students talk about their work for Zipcar and Converse.

- F5, a two day creative conference held April 15-16 at the Roseland Ballroom in New York will explore the intersection of art, design and entertainment.

- Weird. Awkwardprice is a viral experiment where advertisers catch the attention of the public by paying crazy money for common and worthless items sold on Ebay.

- We like this new StrawberryFrog created and MassMarket produced Jim Beam commercial called The Chase.

- Colle+McVoy has launched a new mobile website for the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation.

- Nike and Kobe are out with Town of Los Fearless, a campaign to help launch Nike's Zoom Kobe VI

by Steve Hall    Feb-17-11   Click to Comment   
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